FO Found!

This week we had a whole house fan installed, so the work-guys had to get up into the roof crawlspace. You get to that through my closet, so I had to clear it out. In doing so I found a FO that I forgot about. I made Bobblicious from Knitty.com, winter '05! I remember working on it on the drive into Rhode Island for Christmas Eve, so I'm guessing I started it December 24, 2005 and probably finished it before or just after 2006. I think it's lion brand wool-ease thick+quick.
(excuse the bad bathroom / low-resolution photos)

I don't really know what I was thinking with this one. I'm not a bobble-person (can't stand them actually), I never use this (obviously, it's been hiding in my closet for 3 years.) It is warm though, so maybe I'll make an effort to use it, just to curl up with / in while I watch tv at night.

I fixed my CPH fronts, yay on that. I'm going to a new-to-me SnB tonight - Dan wants to catch the Jets/Patriots game tomorrow night - his brother gets the NFL network, so I'll go knitting tonight, Dan goes out tomorrow. Anyway, I'm deciding what to bring to SnB tonight, my CPH? Maybe. I've got several other projects that are all shouting at me, "Make ME!"

I don't know how I feel about my knitting talking back and getting fresh.


Emily said...

Oh my goodness that's an interesting pattern. Did you purposefully leave off the extra rows of bobbles?

Also, just saying Hi, I read your blog and am feeling the need to comment instead of just lurk. I can't remember when or why I subscribed to your feed; it was probably based off of some pattern or post, maybe on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

It's bobbleriffic!

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