Looking Back, Looking Ahead

This past weekend went by in a blur - Dan & I went with friends to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Saturday / Sunday. It was a good time, but those casinos are draining. It's sensory overload - there's music, lights, textures and patterns. I did like the carpet in our hotel room:
Anyway, we played some blackjack (after a practice session the night before with Cheerios). I only played a few hands - I find it way too fast / intimidating and then you have the regular players that shout and you "NO! Don't hit on 12 / 13 / 14!". Dan stuck with it, he was up, down / broke even and in the end lost, but it was a good time.
I really enjoyed the place we stopped at for food before we started gambling, Burke in the Box - Dan & I had different sliders - cheeseburger and chicken parm. They were so cute - had to take a photo;
Burke in a box - sliders
(When I took this photo I thought of Phoebe because she often has food pictures on her blog! Jennsquared too!)

And here we are,
Dan & Becca
Tomorrow is our 4th Anniversary. We're celebrating today (dinner and a movie (double yum!). We're hosting Thanksgiving, so we expect tomorrow will be a bit crazy with prep. Actually we're in good shape I think, even with Lorelai all about and underfoot.

I've just about finished a hat for a new baby we get to meet on Friday, but it still needs a tassel and I would rather show it off on the actual baby (I hope it fits!) It was a custom job requested by his mom....

I've also been looking at the past novembers - I was waiting a lot in November 2007, prepping in November 2006 (those WIPS from 11/13/06? Still not done. I think they are still on the needles. I should rip those out. The LnV socks I plan to fix though) and in November 2005 I was being a teacher and hadn't learned how to balance my time yet. In 2004 I married... (a photo was posted in december, here). Good times.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Becca!!!!!

Doesn't the time just seem to fly by??? I celebrated my 7th anniversary in October.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary!

I haven't been to the new casino on an overnight trip yet. Was it lovely (besides the noise and sensory overload?)And I know how you feel about sitting at the tables. My husband plays there alot. I'd love to say that he's not one of those jerks, but he sometimes is. The thing is- he makes alot of money playing cards and when he gets a table with others who don't know what they are doing, he loses. It's frustrating for him. (And, understandably, the person he barks at.)

And don't get me wrong, the excuse doesn't make his behavior right, I'm not saying that. But I just try to remember it when I walk through the cash-see-no (casino) doors with him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You and your man are adorable. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I just caught up with all the blog reading.

Happy belated anniversary!

And yes, I LOVE food :)

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