Quoting Homer

"Aw, crap."

I am was going strong on my Central Park Hoodie. I'm working on the Left Front. I read the directions for the neck decreases and knit away. I pulled out the Right Front (previously finished) just to double check and see the length. Then I noticed something wonky.

(Left Front / Right Front iphone photos, excuse the quality.)
CPH Left front CPH right front

Um, see the cable on the right front? How is gets, what's the word? Oh, decreased? On the shoulder edge? That's an odd design modification. I don't know what I was thinking when I did that, or exactly when / where it happened - was I talking at SnB and not paying attention? Likely. Sigh. I think I can thread in a lifeline, then just rip back and re-do the neck decreases properly.

Read twice, knit once. (This has happened to me before - I struggle with P2. My brain wants to P2tog and so my hands listen. Then I snap back to reality and wonder where all the stitches went!)

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Julie said...

Oh drat and it's looking so good otherwise! For me the rule is don't attempt this sort of thing at SnB ;) (There is, in fact, a long list of things I shouldn't attempt at SnB).

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