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Thank you Lori!
This most awesome plurk-swap package arrived yesterday. There's bananagrams, Maine soap, the Yarn Harlot's "Free Range Knitter" (can't wait to dive into that!), Maple candies and blueberry candies and a plush toy for Lorelai (how sweet of you to think of her!)

And the yarn - Oh My! The color is "Clemantis Vine" - it's the greatest blend of blues-purples-greens EVER! The tag indicates it's 375 yards of Targhee Wool - it's so fantastically soft! Her etsy shop is fromthewoolroom.etsy.com - love it!

Thank you again very very much!


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! That Bananagrams game is a blast...and portable, so perfect for travel!

Lori said...

Whee! (imagine a line of dancing 'nanners here...) I'm so glad you like it all! It was a pleasure putting together the package for you. I couldn't resist the game - it was just too perfect for the theme!

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