Presidential election 2008

Considering that it is my job to set a good example, Lorelai came with me to vote today - our town seems to have its act together - I think we waited 5 minutes tops. We completed our scantron (yes, scantron - fill in the oval completely, so low-tech, yet reliable) and went on our way.

I live in a house divided - my husband is an adamant supporter of the other guy. I can see his point and even agree with a few issues there, but on the whole, I like my guy better. I get a good vibe.

We don't have a crystal ball we can use to say Yes, Mr. X is the better guy for the job and was able to fix the economy, the war, the environment, the schools.... No matter who wins, the other team will be making noise that had their guy won we wouldn't be in this mess. Everything won't be fixed when the new guy is sworn in. I think both candidates have a hard job to do and most of what they promised isn't worth squat. It's all spun in so many ways the messages are all tangled. And I would bet that much of what they promise to try and accomplish can't be done in 4 (or 8) years anyway.

I voted for Lorelai. You vote for a better tomorrow. You vote for the future, not the present. Years from now, she'll be dealing with the mess that was created now - will she cared who I voted for? Do I care if my folks voted for Carter or Clinton? Not really.

And while I still have my suspicions about the evil empire that is Starbucks (and I support my local economy by getting coffee there once a week - it's good! and easy to get the stroller into.) I do like their campaign today.


theatreknitter said...

you do have the most important job right now. making your little one a great person. and you make an excellent point. nothing will make everyone in this country happy, nobody can fix everything.

Ina said...

I love seeing little ones at the polls. They don't know it, but it really is for their sake.

Hunny said...

I braved the polls and took both of my kids! luckly it was at the local firehouse and they got candy afterwards. Cross your fingers that this election helps everyone's future!!

Anonymous said...

When my boy was little, I brought him into the voting booth with me and let him pull the lever. He thought it was the coolest thing and told everyone that he voted. He didn't come with me today, but I took a cellphone picture of my ballot to show him.

Whatever the outcome, the guy in that fancy office better do all he can to make this a great place for our kids. (But I really hope that it's my guy who wins!)

Rebecca Jo said...

My parents took me to the polls each vote as well!

And is that sun beams shining down over Lorelai in that picture? Beautiful!

Virginia said...

I voted for Lorelai too! And am so ecstatic today, I'm still pinching myself. We made history happen!

And I love what you've posted here, thought I disagree on one point: Of course she'll care who you voted for!

Because, as you say, you vote for the future. That doesn't just mean blindly pulling a lever, that means making a thoughtful choice for the candidate you think can make the most difference for her future. So that the mess she has to clean up is at least a little bit less disastrous.

If who you choose mattered that little, then there would be no reason to vote at all. But it does, and you did, and now Lorelai gets to grow up in a world where change can happen. That's a beautiful thing!

PS. All that being said, I am sorry that you're experiencing the stress of a divided household. And promise we'll go easy on Dan at Thanksgiving!

Virginia said...

By the way, I just reread my post from the other day and hope it didn't offend — celebrating this election all week has me feeling feisty!

And I just want to clarify that while I do think WHO you choose matters, even if Grown-Up Lorelai looks back and disagrees with your choice (or her dad's!), she'll still appreciate that she has two smart, thoughtful parents who considered the issues, voted for the person they thought would do the best job, and encouraged her to do the same.


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