Over the last few weeks I've noticed a little bird fly up to a holly bush that is outside the window near the computer. I figured it was just a good spot to perch and rest. Then, last week I looked out when it was raining and noticed the same little bird sitting in a nest - and a second bird kept flying in and bringing the first bird things (food? nest materials?). Last weekend, we could finally see baby birds! Hard to tell how many there were - but it's a small nest! Today their eyes are open and they are getting food quite frequently! I have been playing with my camera to get a good shot - but it's tough - a combination of the small size, the window screen, the movement of the birds / bush in the breeze - but I think I got a few good ones. This makes me ridiculously happy!
A parent bird:
Baby Birds

I have one of those "Bird Guides of Connecticut", and quick internet research leads me to believe that this is a family of Chipping Sparrows. Maybe American Tree Sparrows?
Baby Birds

Baby Birds

I also got a little video of them chirping away (and one fluffing / flapping his wings) - apologies for the click at the end (I took a photo) and something caught Jackson's attention, so you do hear him bark!

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