Unseasonable - part 1

I can not speak for any knitter other than myself, but I have a tendency to knit things out of season. I think you have to, in part because knitting can take so long that if you start that wool sweater in December it will be July before you finish it. Earlier this year, probably late February - early March I found myself almost inexplicably drawn to nearly obnoxious bright colors. And now, here were are in mid-May and the weather is getting warmer, and I am knitting Acorns (pattern by Suse on her blog).

They do make cute little decorations, but I'm not that organized for fall 2010.

This was a knitting job, to make up these samples for FiberTrades.com

In all, I knit up 10 Acorns, using a variety of roughly worsted weight yarns and some fingering weight yarns, and dpns that ranged from US0 to US10. Of course, I have forgotten to include anything for scale in my photo, but the smallest acorn was about 1.5 inches from top to bottom and the largest was just over 3 inches.
10 Acorns

Now that project is on its way back to FiberTrades.com and what knitting job do I have next? Bella's Mittens using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, elbow length, of course.

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