I'm sensing a pattern here.

This is mostly random and probably catches my attention only, but I'm noticing a whole bunch of similarities in things I'm knitting lately.

To start, I've got 2 projects that I can't really show until after TNNA happens. Each of these projects involve new colors and a similar linen stitch pattern. One for Lorna's Laces and one for Schaefer Yarn.

Two different projects that I worked on last year will be released soon this year - each were test knits - one for Malabrigo Yarn and one for Unique Sheep.

Two new projects I've started recently are eventual gifts, so they are also under wraps, but they each involve a lot of garter stitch rows and increases at each edge.

Huh. Interesting to me - and this post would be way more interesting with some photos.
lolcats funny cat pictures

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sara said...

LOL! Love the cat

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