It's Tuesday! After a long, lazy weekend - welcome June!

Dan was gifted an early start to his weekend and got to return home from work around 2:30 on Friday. That was a nice treat - it was almost like an extra day! Saturday we stayed around the house and did errands and played on the swing set, attended a birthday party on Sunday, ate dinner with his folks yesterday.

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful - sunny, but breezy. And I was feeling almost chilly from the breeze. I thought about one of the sweaters I had been working on (Cardigan Neutral by Vickie Howell) and how this is totally the sort of day I envisioned wearing that sweater. Yes, I'm knitting it in a wool blend, but I think it will be great as a quick light layer to ward against a breeze. The sweater is all knit, just needs to be seamed up. Again. Actually I started to seam it before and found that I really needed to block it more, so I had to take it out and fix that.

Yes, at 2:00pm on Monday I started seaming this sweater, knowing that I had to be crazy for thinking that I could get it done - for the 3:00pm party at my in-laws. Of course, I didn't get it done. I did get both sleeves attached to the body though. And by bedtime last night I also seamed up one side seam. I'm getting there. And I think I finally *get* mattress stitch.

I still have the other side and two sleeve / underarm seams to go. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.


Hunny said...

That's a pretty impressive looking seam!

sara said...

I agree! It's pretty stinkin' perfect :-)

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