Lazy speed

We enjoyed one of the laziest weekends ever, and somehow it flew by! On Saturday we tried taking the Lorax to a kids fair in town put on by a local nursery school. It was ok - next year I think it will be fabulous. She was a bit tired (she's been getting up with the birds and their dawn chorus). It was hot / humid. It didn't open on time. She really wanted to ride on a train that rode around the green but it was for kids only, no parents and we're not there yet. The other thing she really wanted to do was to go in the bouncy house. That worked out well -
She fussed a bit after her turn was up, so we checked out the animals and called it a day.

I have two large projects to be working on, but in the heat / humidity that just wasn't happening. I spent the bulk of the weekend working on the edging for the Anne Shoulder Scarf (Ravelry link) sample for Schaefer. It's a new color - black and white photos for now - colors after TNNA!
Garter stitchy goodness.

I just have the little napkin-ring band to finish and then blocking and it will be done.
Hopefully I can get the boards and pins set up to block this this weekend while the Lorax sleeps. She's been pretty adamant about "helping" with everything lately - even editing the photos today!

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