Good Mail - part 1

I was very excited to see the mailman stop the truck at my mailbox this week and put two packages inside!

The first package contained yarn! On Twitter, I think, is where I first found rAchel (ontheround) - she's got a young one at home and is a spinner and knitter. Then I checked out her etsy shop - sooooo pretty! I had noticed a while back that she had a "Lorax" colorway - of course, that jumped out to me and I got in contact with her. And voila! It's here!!
On the Round Lorax Yarn
400 yards of sock yarn... I can't wait to knit this up. Monkeys? I could use a new pair, since my original ones died in January. Socks in Little Bee Pattern, Honeybee Socks, or Herringbone Rib are also under consideration.

I really want something seuss-y, or truffula tree-ish... I may have to go do research with some pattern books first...

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