I noticed yesterday that Bishop's Orchards Pick-Your-Own program was starting today for strawberries! I thought it might be something fun and different for the Lorax and me to try. It was better than I expected!


She did really well for someone who is two and a half! She took careful steps around the plants and was gentle when picking the strawberries as well as putting them in the box.

Berry picking

I was quite impressed by the restraint she showed - she didn't eat any until we were on our way to the car! Maybe she just didn't think of it (and I was also very good and waited until the car as well). She's been having them non-stop now! They are so good - and they taste like strawberries should!


I think we ended up with around five pounds! I've got a batch of chocolate covered strawberries cooling. I'm going to freeze some (or mash them up then freeze in ice cubes, maybe both!). I would love to make Amy's Strawberry Tart (but I need pie dough). Strawberry Marshmallows - ?! I think those might be a must try (need potato starch!). Oooh and angel food cake with strawberries. I think we might be making another trip to PYO! Here is a great link from GoodCheapEats.com (a blog I adore!) about storing berries.


There are a few in there that aren't quite red yet - I tried to remind her to pick ones that were red like fire trucks, but that didn't stick (really, we don't see a whole lot of fire engines... and sometimes they are yellow!) - so, we looked for berries that were red like elmo.


Here she is eyeing the box of berries after making a tower with our sandwich supplies.

There's more red! I've got about 2 more inches to go on the Ladybug jacket for a friend's baby-to-be. The yarn is Berroco Comfort and though it is a little splitty, I love how soft it is and the fabric it creates. I'm using a different yarn for the black and I will miss the Berroco!

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Hunny said...

I saw that yesterday too and was going to take paige after school but forgot! We got our nails done instead!

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