Remember that sweater that I thought I could be so ambitious with and seam up in a jiffy? Yeah, well the humidity / mini-heat wave that came through slowed that down to a near halt and it took almost a full week to seam up! I am so thankful that Mother Nature is giving us a little bit more of chilly spring weather - means I can wear my sweater!

Exhale, it's done!
The pattern is Cardigan Neutral from AwareKnits. (You can also get this particular pattern for free at the Caron.com website, here).

Exhale, it's done!
The yarn is O-Wool Balance. I adore this yarn. I had some trouble with gauge, so I did the math, followed the pattern for the XL size and held my breathe as I knit away and hoped I would end up with the medium size. I am really pleased with how that worked out - the armpits are the slightest bit more snug than I would like, and there are a few flaws that I think I'll be the only one to ever know about or notice, so we'll just leave it at that.

Exhale, it's done!
My intention with this sweater was for days like this - a short sleeve tee underneath or even a thin long sleeve (A good portion of my t-shirt wardrobe seems to be of the tissue tee variety) and a light sweater - good for keeping out a bit of wind or a early summer evening chill. I adore the sleeves especially - cute lace pattern on each cuff end, nice length - though they came with a headache - the sleeve directions in the book are wrong, and I could not find any errata online. The version of the pattern posted at the caron.com website has proper sleeve directions.

Exhale, it's done!
The lace pattern is on one of the fronts. And there is a small garter stitch edge along each of the front edges. I think I like how the sweater rolls a bit. I plan on getting a lot of use out of this sweater!


Ibunnysavetroy said...

oh it's pretty! yay sweater for yourself!

sara said...

Nice work!

WifeMomKnitter said...

I was going to ask you if you knit that sweater last night and then overheard you telling Crystal about it.

Very nice!!!

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