Aw shucks!

Sara, of Lazy Knits and Purls, nominated me for a "Beautiful Blogger" award - thank you so very much - that is the first award this little blog has ever received!

The rules are I have to give 10 little known facts about myself and then nominate 10 people for the award. So, 10 mostly-little known facts about me:
1. I can't sleep with the closet door open.
2. I love all sorts of terrible reality shows, but can't get into Top Chef at all (and I keep trying!)
3. When I was a kid I went to the Double Dare mall tour - I didn't get to do any of the stunts / games, but I did get to ask a question about Marc Summers (who wasn't there) - he was a nice guy and fun to work with, so said the assistants Robin and Dave, who were there.
4. The first concert I went to was All-4-One - the tickets were free from someone I worked with during summer theatre at The Puppet House.
5. Blueberry pancakes are my most favorite breakfast (overeasy or sunnyside up eggs + bacon might tie sometimes) but I really stink at making pancakes. I'm not patient enough.
6. Sandwiches are not my strong suit - I'm content to slap a piece of turkey in between two pieces of bread that maybe have some mayo on them. This disappoints my husband to no end.
7. While I do look for a good deal (and coupons) I will never ever buy store brand / generic Cheerios. My mom did that once when we were kids and oh were they terrible. Even my dad agreed, and he eats anything!
8. My plans for the weekend include several power knitting sessions on several gifts. One is almost overdue, and two others are for a baby due in July.
9. I'm waiting on some good mail - a swap package, several yarny items, and I pre-ordered the MochiMochi book (I really hope that one ships early!). My mail carrier tends to idle the truck at my mailbox always making me hope that there's going to be a package, usually there is not.
10. I used to be a nail biter, but I've recovered (I do still occasionally slip up). Now that I can get my nails to be nice and long, it drives me crazy to have nails longer than my fingers, so I still have short nails.

And my nominations are....
1. Amy, at Things We Make
2. Mique, at Thirty Handmade Days
3. Jessica, at Happy Togethers
4. Julie, at Joy's Hope
5. Jamie, at The Seventeen Magazine Project
6. Virginia, at Beauty Schooled Project
7. Sonia, at Peaceful Knitter
8. Missusvonkysmeed
9. Eskimimi, at EskimimiKnits.com
10. "BoutrosBabe", at HighlandHandmades.com


Heather said...

Aww! Thanks! I'll try to blog this on Friday, when I have a couple minutes to breathe.

Thanks again!

Heather (boutrosbabe)

Missus Vonkysmeed said...

Gasp! I had no idea you nominated me, I will blog abut this on Monday for sure. Thank you so much!!

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