We've had a stretch of not so great weather, but yesterday turned out to be a lot nicer than I thought it would be. A spur of the moment decision lead to a picnic on the town green with the Lorax. We have eaten outside before, but I made a big deal out of this - making sure to call it a picnic, telling her about the blanket we would sit on, packing her usual lunch fare. And you know what? It was great. She sat on the blanket, rolled around on the blanket, walked a bit away from me but not too far. We really need to do this more often. And sure, we can have a picnic in the backyard or in the family room if it's rainy, but there was something special about this first one.

I hope the simplicity continues - the weekend is supposed to be nice as well - we've got plans for a bathroom painting job and some mulch spreading and garden prep!

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sara said...

What a cutie! Have fun painting!

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