I may crochet...

I adore crochet. I still need to have out a "How-to" laminated cheat sheet for the stitches as well as my copy ofCrocheting in Plain English. I want to crochet, I really do. I am not going to turn in my needles for hooks, but I see so many interesting things out there and it is just that crochet can do some things that knitting can not. My Ravelry Queue for crochet mostly has toys on it, that's really what I yearn for. That and pretty much anything by Sarah London (I'm really in love with the Wool Eater blanket!) and Attic24 and these stars and the list goes on. I lurked on the Ravelry group for a Potholder Swap, but couldn't figure out what to do quickly enough and I certainly wasn't confident enough in my skills.

Then, I was invited to join The Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap on Ravelry - here are the details: This swap will place you in a group of either 6 or 12 members. When a group has enough members, a “Featured Member” will be chosen for the month. Each member of the group will then crochet a potholder for the “Featured Member” and send it to them. The next moth, a different “Featured Member” will be selected and they will then be the lucky recipient of either 5 or 11 beautiful potholders. This group will accept members year round and signups will proceed on a rolling basis. As soon as one group of fills up, they will begin swapping and a new group will begin.
Totally my speed.

I have sent on my first potholder to this month's recipient (My month to receive is December). I really wanted to do the Stir Me Up (Rav link) pattern, I ended up confused, so instead went with Disc-Disc pattern by ChickenBetty - the yarn is an assortment of Sugar 'n Cream in the brightest colors I have - yellow, orange, lime green and hot pink. I think it worked.
(Front, "Terra Fuela" Ben & Jerry's pint for scale)

Close Ups

I have been trying to hold the crochet hook differently and I think that helped. I hold the hook in my left hand and I was a bit stabby with it. I tried to hold it more "pencil" like and I think I can sort-of make that work effectively. I can not hold it like a "knife" because even though I am left-handed I hold my knife in my right hand. It's proven to be a challenge just to hold the yarn in the right hand - my knitting muscles are quite well defined!


WifeMomKnitter said...

What a great swap! I may join that someday.

sara said...

I've done those stars before...so cute and easy!

ChickenBetty said...

I love the colors you used ;)

I also teach crochet and through the years I've had a few left-handed knitters who just had the hardest time trying to figure out how to hold the hook and yarn for crochet. Success for them came when the began "knitting" with their hooks. If you are a thrower - English style knitter - you hold the hook in your right hand, insert the hook into the stitch and "yarn over" as you would for a knitting stitch.

There is NO right or wrong! There is only what works for you :)

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