Puppy excitement

Two new photos of Jackson - he's about 5 or 6 weeks old, and we'll be bringing him home around July 22! eee!

I treated myself today to a manicure / pedicure - very nice! But now, I'm hesitating on picking up the knitting (especially even though the inca alpaca sheds slightly)... there's always later on tonight. After Madagascar - can't wait to see it!


caitlyn said...

Oh he is sooooo cute!!!!

Heide said...

Hey Becca -- where did you go for your manicure/pedicure? Oasis is great, if you haven't tried them yet. They have shops in Guilford, Madison and Branford. They are by far the best nail salon I've found around here.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie! we nearly got one like him too
earth mother

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