It's been a while since posting, but we've been in the middle of puppy-dom and furworld. Working on house-breaking and getting Jackson to self-soothe... It's a slow process. My finished Clapotis is headed out to Nana today - I gave her a heads up to expect a package, but didn't tell her there was a handmade gift inside :) I've cast on for Sitcom Chic in Blueberry Cotton Ease. So it's good, really. And the shoreline stitch-and-bitch has been meeting occasionally again! Fun times.

On to the subject of the post -
Caitlyn kindly sent me Weekend Knitting - it's awesome!!! These are just the sort of projects that I need!
Lisa and I swapped, the Loop-d-Loop book for some Lambs Pride yarn - such a delicious color!
Deb sent a new chew toy to Jackson! Thank you so much! Impressive, that he was here less than a week and already getting mail :)

And since we can, here's the little weiner:


caitlyn said...

Glad to hear that you're doing well! I'm sure that your Nana will love the Clapotis -- it's beautiful. And you're very welcome for the book. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy! House breaking can be frustrating, but it really is amazing how quickly they get the idea. Hope Jackson is doing great.

Juli said...

Awwwww...what a cute puppy!

Catherine Kerth said...

oh jackson is a doll! sounds like you've been busy with that mail box:) enjoy weekend knitting, tell me if you like it?

Gretchen said...

Awww! Jackson is just too cute and your Clapotis is just lovely. I'm now convinced I just have to make one (Clapotis, not puppy)! (-;

Lisa said...

What a cutie pie!
Sorry I didn't let you know sooner that I got the book. Thanks so much for the trade!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was fun meeting you last night! I thought I would check out your blog and glad I did. Jackson is adorable! You definitely need to make him something! Hope we can get together again soon.


PS I did not know how to leave comment . . . anonymous was the only way to go.

--Deb said...

Really, the toy was from Chappy, but since he has trouble writing out mailing labels, I did it for him. (He offered to TEST the toy first, to make sure it was okay, but I told him that sending used gifts wasn't polite. He grumbled a bit, but agreed.) Have you tried clicker training for the house-training? I absolutely adore clickers for teaching dogs just about anything! I had Katy sitting on cue within three days of her arrival, which just about blew my mind. (Chappy took a little longer, but I'm told that boys sometimes do.) (grin) Hope Jackson is enjoying his toy!

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