SP5 - Thank You!

I was pleasantly surprised by a box in with my mail today - I opened it up to a "5" (much like the sp5 button) postcard on top, then a lovely note describing the "Kawaii" goodies inside -
Froggie candy dispenser!

Puffed wheat treats, Seed munchies and assorted candies! I could barely contain my excitement to try them all until my husband came home! We tried them all, as I squealed and oohed and aaahed over the packaging! The poifull were my favorites - they're like jellybeans!

A beautiful notepad and Hello Kitty microwave cake mix! In the shape of hello kitty herself!! How cool! Lucky for me there are pictures on the back of the box - the only thing I'm not sure about is the time - 1hour or 1 minute? Hrm.

And yarn (my camera phone battery died as I was taking pictures~oops) - it's gorgeous - blues / greens / purpley goodness.... I'm thinking maybe something felted? Maybe an ipod holder? I haven't yet decided...

Thank you pal so very much!!


betsy said...

that is so cool. such neat stuff.
I miss you guys, I'll be home soon, can't wait.

Leah said...

Looks like you had goodie goodness! Enjoy all of your treats- your secret pal is pretty good huh?

laurie b. said...

Oh.. you've got some good stuff there. I'm a little jealous. Okay, I'm a lot jealous! :)

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