What day is it?

Now that I'm on vacation, and Dan's been home this week, I am confused as to what day it is. It kinda feels like a Saturday, but it's Wednesday - I know this because the shows on tv are better :^)
I've been netflixing Sopranos - man I love that show! And then tonight, Christopher is on Law & Order while Jesse L. Martin is filming rent (I forgot he was the original Collins)

I've made some pretty good knitting progress - my Rebecca eyelet wrap is blocking. I cast on and started a Clapotis with some Lovely IncaAlpaca - I find it sheds slightly, but not to any extent that I think I'll mind when it's finished. I'm enjoying working on this pattern - if it comes out nice enough (and quick enough) I may make a few more as Christmas gifts.
I've joined a new swap:
I've always enjoyed mix tapes / cds. I love poking around ArtoftheMix.org

And there was a mix-up with sp5 (things happen, no big deal), but someone else has stepped in and made contact and even sent the cutest e-card! Thanks so much!!

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Catherine Kerth said...

sorry about your SP, can't wait to get a glimpse of that clapotis with the alpaca!!!! i am in love with netflix, i am a junkie too:)

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