Woke up this morning and noticed it was cold. Not too surprising for New England in April, but to look at the thermostat and see it reading "56" instead of "64" was a surprise! Something is wrong with the furnace, again. Luckily, our local company is great - when we called them at 7:45am they said someone would be here after 9:30 or 10 - no big deal, I'm here, the sun's out, we can all put on an extra layer. The guy was here at 8:45! Hopefully it won't be too expensive of a fix. In the meantime, I am drinking a whole lot of coffee (it's hot)

I finished another "Baby Genius" burp cloth, this time in a lemon-lime colorway, I like this one a lot more:
Burp Cloth #2
(This photo is from a few days ago, not today, she's been taking her socks off and trying to eat them lately. Today she's in a fleece footie outfit to keep warm.)

I'm planning to take yarn to work on these while we're away - simple, easy, but yet you end up with a great item. Dan's aunt was over this past weekend and she's a crocheter, and was really taken with them :) I am going to use up the variegated yarns and then make several striped (black / white).

I started to make a Seamless Baby Kimono, but I have to frog or tink several rows - I skipped a whole section of the directions - whoops. Groan.

Here's another one of the wee one:
The onesie says "I (heart) my great aunt anne", made at the baby shower by guess who? Aunt Anne. Simply adorable.


theatreknitter said...

I LOVE the lower pic, it is great.

talk to you soon, it was great tlaking wiht you yesterday

Sunflowerfairy said...

I hope your kid's hair never lies flat. Ever. Seriously.


And the t-shirt? Yeah, that's something my sister would have done.

mad knitter said...

Ooooh, hope the furnace repair wasn't too costly! I miss you and hope that you are having a fun time! Burp cloth is lovely, shirt is adorable, and babe is beautiful, as ever!

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