Neon in a blender

I was digging into my stash and found a ball of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn - in pinks, orange, green and yellow. I decided to make a "Baby Genius Burp Cloth" from the Mason-Dixon gals. As I was knitting it up I absolutely hated the colors! It's all neon mushed up, and I really can't remember why I bought the yarn to begin with - probably I was hoping it would stripe, what did I know? Anyway, it was a quick knit (a few days), fairly mindless knitting and I ended up with a practical item that I won't mind if it is covered in spit-up or drool. I put it to use right away yesterday. It looks better next to a cute baby. By the way, the baby is a ham. Seconds before I took this photo she was fussing. Once the camera was out she was all smiles:
My daughter the ham

I found another ball of Sugar 'n Cream - lemon lime I think is the colorway - neon green, yellow and white. It's less repulsive to my eyes.

Other things going on - we're trying to get Lorelai to take formula to supplement while I'm away on vacation. Rather foolishly, I tried to give her a bottle of straight formula and she wasn't having it. We're starting slow 90/10 milk/formula mix, today hopefully we'll do 80/20 mix and hopefully get up to 25/75 or even 0/100 by the time we leave. I'm pumping to the best of my ability, but there's only so much!


theatreknitter said...

Okay I personally LOVE the colors. If you have any of that stuff left over, send it on my way. Those are SOO cool.

luv ya, hope feeding goes well this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just finished a market bag in the same colorway. Would never wear it, nor even inflict it upon the children, but it's just right for a bag or burp cloth.

I keep telling myself this.

dragon knitter said...

when my son liam was a baby, we tried him on formula when he was 3 months old, as i had planned on going back to work. unfortunately, the same day we did this, he got the flu, and developed projectile vomiting. he absolutely refused to drink formula after that. that's the main reason why i nursed him until he was 12 1/2 months old. even then, he categorically refused to drink milk until he was 2! now, he loves it, lol (he's 15 1/2 now).

good luck with the formula!

KnelleyBelley said...

What a cute little punkin she is. She looks so happy to be holding Mommy's handknit burp cloth.

Sunflowerfairy said...

OHH! We used to call that Frankenformula in my house. We had to start supplimenting because my body had had enough already and decided to dry up.

Jack adjusted pretty quick, although diaper changes became stinkier and he had constant red butt issues- not a rash, just red butt.

dawn224 said...

it looks good :) I like the pattern. I have a big stash of stuff that I'm telling myself I *will* finish. I have to keep banning myself from knitting stores though....

mad knitter said...

Yes, that baby girl can dress up *any* item, LOL! I still kind of love that colorway though!

I'll miss you for the next few weeks! Hope your formula mission is going well, and have a blast on your vacation!

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