Playtime (Dogs on Thursday)

Jackson is a very playful dog - part of that clown-around-dachshund personality. We've always had toys for him, and ever since he was a puppy we've had our own version of "fetch". We throw the toy. He runs after it. He picks it up, brings it back and doesn't let go! We're working on it - sometimes he'll drop it, sometimes he'll tug when you hold the other end / side. The current favorite toy is "Heave a Beaver" from FatCat - they are sturdy and last quite a long time. They have enough space for his little snout and the rope is a good chew surface. We've enjoyed "Hurl a Squirrel", "Chuck a Duck", "Fling a Frog", "Toss a Possum" as well - and now they have new farm ones! Lorelai is more interactive and sometimes Jackson tries to play with her:
(I love that he's eyeing her in this photo)
Maybe I want to play
This is how you play?
Jackson, I want to play!
He's a very good sport!


Leslie Marken said...

Your dog is cute,but your baby is just beautiful!

KnelleyBelley said...

Those pictures warm my heart!

dogquilter said...

How sweet that they play together!! They are both adorable.

Paula said...

Oh what a sweet dog Jackson is to Lorelai!
Such cuties!

P.S. Those are great dog toys!
I am going to add their company link to our DoT side bar.

Cindy said...

How adorable. Your baby is beautiful. Your puppy so good and together, winning photography!

Lapdog Creations said...

They are both adorable!

Anonymous said...

Jackson could teach Mosby a few things. Mosby loves fetch, but he drops the item 10-20 feet away from us and thinks we're supposed to walk over and pick it up.

monica said...

So adorable!!

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