Special Delivery

I ordered a gift for my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower. It's a fragile gift, but I was still surprised when the HUGE box arrived on our porch. And of course, it was full of styrofoam peanuts. First thought? Annoyance. Second thought? Great photo op!
Baby in a box
Special Delivery
Jackson in a box


Unknown said...

The photo shot was well worth the peanut annoyance......ADORABLE!

Chrispy said...

I saw Jackson's most recent Fo picture on my ravelry friends activity and I thought I was looking at one of my doxies. I never realized that he was a silver dapple.

I love the peanut picture.

Jen said...

Um, could you please deliver one of those to me stat? That's incredibly adorable!

KnelleyBelley said...

The top picture must be made into a poster! Priceless!

theatreknitter said...

she is coming to visit aunt betsy!! I will expect that package in the mail soon.

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