13 months!

Wow. What a difference a year, or even a day makes with little ones!
The chair doesn't seem too big for you anymore, Lorelai! We're on our toes all the time with you - as are you - two weekends ago you decided "I'm done with crawling." and that's it! You're walking all over the place and you are fast! Thankfully, you are a great sleeper, a good eater and have handled getting so many teeth without too much fuss. You are also a crowd pleaser - with all the traveling on Christmas you would enter the room and stick close to me or Daddy, but then when you learned the lay of the land you just walked and walked and walked and made certain that people noticed you!

Even with all the toys / dolls you received for Christmas, reading a book still seems to be your favorite thing! And you've started to hold it right side up (which I'm very glad to see) - you love the Very Hungry Caterpillar, the Boynton books (snuggle puppy & doggies!), Opposites with Oswald, this little nature book and a ladybug book. I hope you always love the books and I can't wait until you can read the story to me!

Practice Socks
I found my practice socks I made while I was pregnant with you (I still have big plans to work my way through that Cat Bordhi book!) and they finally fit you! They are a little small, but they fit and thank you for letting me model them on your feet! I won't let you wear them in the house because they would be so slippery on our floors... someday I'll make you a better pair :)

So much love for you kiddo!


theatreknitter said...

she looks so grown up, I can't believe it.

Liz said...

She's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love that Lorelai loves to read!

Sharon said...

oh so cute! happy new year!

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