Avoiding the chills

It's cold out and we're surrounded by 6-8 inches of snow and ice. I don't mind, and I'm not complaining. I like New England winters - sure they are unpredictable, but when the first snowflakes start to fall it is just so pretty out! And as long as there is snow, it makes the cold worthwhile. It was a good weekend for knitting - I started and finished my Abrazo from the Fall '08 Knitty.
Abrazo FO!

I made the medium size / 36" and it only took 2 skeins of Kathleen (colorway: Betty Friedan) - I have yet to go back and crochet around the arms / neck edges (I may just skip that) so I even have some leftover! And talk about a quick knit, I cast this on Thursday afternoon, had 11 inches done by the end of SnB and was weaving in ends on Saturday night. Sweet. I wore it all day yesterday - it's just right - doesn't feel bulky or anything!

Lorelai has started, in her own way, playing dress up. Many times during the day she will put on a teething ring as a bracelet (most often the red one). We were folding laundry on Friday and she clung to my fleecey pajama top - so I draped it over her shoulders like a little cape and she seemed to like it. I hope it wasn't that she was cold!
Pjs for a cape

I've gotten a bit of the crazy-last-minute-knitter bug - wasn't planning on it, but I think I can get two (or 3) hats done so I'm knitting away like a mad woman. If it works I will rock!


Anonymous said...

Lovely vest, it looks very cozy.

theatreknitter said...

love the vest, but I already told you that. I TOTALLY see a dress up box in your childs future.

Anonymous said...

Love the vest! Makes me think I could be a vest person.

I agree - Lorelai needs a dress up box. Adorable.

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