Bumped and Bruised

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I was planning to blog about the hats I've finished, the mittens I've started (they are mine and they are going to rock), the fetchings I've started (to match the hat) and the little dress for which I finally have buttons. I was interrupted, as one happens to be when there is a toddler around.

I went to get Lorelai up from her nap this morning and I noticed there were some spots of color on her plain off white crib sheet. Did she just drool? Did she split her lip? Did she have a bloody nose? I'm trying to figure out what happened and she's the same as she always is after a nap - happy, chatty, moving. I flipped her upside down to get a better look at her mouth and nose when I see the gash on her forehead. Her hair totally hides it and the vertical purple bruise she has above the gash. It's mostly superficial, she doesn't seem sensitive to touch. But still, it threw me for a loop.

I did call the doctor (because if I didn't and I should have I would hate myself for ever. I'm smart - I'm pretty sure she's fine, but I didn't go to med school.) And they tell me she's probably fine (see?! I told myself so) but to watch for vomitting and unusual sleepiness.

She ate lunch (tortellini, fruit, milk & nilla wafers) and was completely all about her business afterwards. She's fine. Kids get bruises. And bumps. I've been trying to figure out what happened - maybe it's from the crib? Maybe when she pulled in the turtle? But I see no evidence on the turtle shell or crib. I need one of those CSI kits.

Lorelai, I'm sorry you got yourself banged up today. I'm sorry for this terrible photo of you, but the ones where you're sitting up and looking cute, you can't see the booboo!

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Anonymous said...

Ouchie. Glad she's okay!

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