525,600 (whatevers) and then some

Diapers, spit-ups, wipes, drools, mushy foods, pictures, smiles, moments of awe, reading books, games of peek-a-boo....

My baby is one! And a few days at this point, but that's ok, because we totally focused on her on her birthday (which was this past sunday). No longer a baby, we've entered "Toddler" stage, and even "Wobbler" stage as she finds her footing and is walking more and more steps every day.

Look at that, eyes closed. Daredevil she is.

We celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving, because all the family was in one spot. Birthday cake was a chocolate-cheesecake-cupcake made by Aunt Virginia - delicious and not a huge mess (on her face. her dress has chocolate smudges everywhere.)

Here she is with her singing Care Bear

I'm just about beyond words for my little girl. I can't believe it's been a year. I can't believe that we made it - she's happy and healthy, we've gotten to sleep and vacation and go out to eat, we've proven to ourselves that we are good at this parenting thing, we still have the dog... And I know there's only more to come!

Like today, she climbed into the dog's chair all by herself (no using the play table as a step stool like she did at the couch. Guess she's figuring out how to use her height to her advantage.) Jackson was basking in the sun so luckily he didn't mind too much.


theatreknitter said...

she's amazing, she really is. . . . I can't believe how wonderful your little angel is.

Becca said...

she is so adorable!!!

Virginia said...

Yay Lorelai!!! These photos are great.

And you know, for all my whining about how messy they turned out, I suddenly have a craving for those chocolate-cheesecake cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

love that girl, congrats on an amazing first year

Anonymous said...

One year of cuteness . . . and many, many, many more to come!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday!
Oh she is just so precious! I love the Birthday candle hat too!

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