Christmas Catch-Up

(Maybe I should make a resolution to not title my posts with "catch up" I feel like a use that a lot!)

First off, a big big Thank You! to Amy - she had a contest on her blog and while I didn't win, I was a close second! She sent me a great package!
Gifts from Amy!
There's the Earthbound Organic Cookbook that I can wait to try out in the next few weeks, RetroKnits - this book is a hoot! And I think I have found a few items to knit up! and altfiber - OMG, fantastic! And she sent three of the most fragrant soaps from Two Rivers Soap - they are fantastic, and reading their website - Fair Trade, Secret Pal friendly!! So of course, now I'm thinking of knitting soap sacks, in a retro pattern with alt-fibers! :) Thank you again, very much Amy!

I was working on a pair of Plum Blossom Mittens for me!
Plum blossom mitts WIP
But, there are issues. They are a bit too snug (so I guess I'll make the L instead of the M), the cuff needs to be longer and I think also a bit more snug there so I'll go down a needle size. I haven't given up on them, but they are in a time-out.

I finished all my Christmas gift knitting - wove in the last of the ends on the second pair of the hot-hands / potholders. I really want a pair, so I will make them eventually.

I made Dan a hat and it worked up so quick that I was bit by the "I can make these for Christmas Gifts!" - Yeah, that was December 22. I did make 2 hats, but I was sidetracked by the ends to weave in that in the end we're keeping both hats. For now. I have nothing but love for Brooklyn Tweed and the Turn A Square hat. Works up SO fast! I used one skein of Lamb's Pride to get the black for both hats! The blue is Cascade220 (Dan's hat) and the other is a red-orange yarn I bought from a Farmhouse Yarn bin sale (no tags on the yarn). Love love love love!
Turn A Square:
Turn a square
Turn a square, squared
I think I'll still make hat #3, the yarn is out and staring at me. Plus then I can call it "Cubed" (geek flag!). Anyway.

And that's that. I think we're caught up! Yay!


CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Lovely work on the mits and hats. Merry Christmas!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Merry Christmas, R!

I love those mittens. I might have to get the pattern the next time I'm up at WEBS.

(How was the baby's day? Was she completely overwhelmed?)

Anonymous said...

Love those mittens - and the hats, too. Lorelai is pure cuteness in a big hat!

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