Pajama Day!

Pajama Day!
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We woke up to see snow-frosted trees this morning and some snow on the ground - enough for the plows to come out! Dan made waffles for breakfast and we all stayed in our pjs for a while. Dan and I changed (though I'm still in sweats) but the Lorax will be hanging out in these duds. They were gifted to her last year and I held on to them hoping she would fit them someday (they are GAP, 3-6months!).

I'm in a funk today as I also woke up with a sore-throat, body aches and runny nose. Bleh. There's little google work available, I don't feel like doing the amazon turks, and even my knitting I"m just not excited about at the moment. I'm pushing myself to knit a little on each WIP, just to keep them all moving. And I do need to decide on flittens for my cousin and get them started! - it's looking more and more like I'll just do Fetchings for her due to time issues.. but I did come across Genmaicha today and I love it - I've got lots of sock yarns to pick from!

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Paula said...

Oh those are the best kind of days!

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