4 months old

4 months old
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You've come so far little one - and you're changing by leaps and bounds each day! This week you started rolling over and that seems to be your favorite thing to do - you're not one for sitting yet, you prefer to skooch down and be on your back. You also started sucking in your lower lip and making "MMMMMMMMM" noises. We can't get over those blueberry eyes!


theatreknitter said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is. your little angel is amazing!!!!
I am working on travel plans to head up for the baptism, I will keep you posted as it if it is a definite. I would hate to miss it.

KnelleyBelley said...

She's a beauty!

Jen said...

Oh she is just stunning :) So cute!!!!

Rebecca said...

What a little sweetie! She has beautiful eyes! My firstborn only rolled - she skipped crawling completely.

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