Dress your family in Malabrigo

(apologies to David Sedaris, I will read "Dress your family in corduroy and denim"!)

In honor of malabrigomarch on Ravelry I cast on and finished Tudora. "Emerald" Malabrigo, size 7 needles, and two days (though if I had put all my time / energy into it, it could have been a one night project, but I did mess up casting on, so whatever). So soft, so warm. Gotta share the love:
Tudora baby 1 Malabrigo is soft on the skin
(Malabrigo cures eczema, don't you know!)

Bribery works (you can totally see my hand and the container of treats in the shadow):
IMG_2536 IMG_2538

Just right for me, though of course, New England is somehow in a March warm spell.

I also cast on the "Obi Scarf" but my mind is having trouble with the yarn overs, so that is kind of a pain. I cast on for Cookie's Mingus socks, but didn't look ahead in the pattern - if I had, I would be able to follow the chart left to right, but seeing how I did the cuff (following the directions), in order for the rib to match up, I need to read the chart backwards (right to left, normal for the rest of the knitting world). I am trying to decide if I should rip it out and start over or just go with it and work my brain. I was so ticked when I figured that out last night.

Still need to work on the Easter decorations, Glee is very slowly moving along, the brigid socks are at a standstill as well. Meh.


mad knitter said...

That Tudora is adorable on you! And on everyone else, LOL!

You will have to show me what you mean about the Mingus socks when I see you. I am left-handed but must have learned the right-handed way? We'll have to talk!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Malabrigo the best? I just finished EZ's February Sweater in it and a lady at the yarn shop actually argued with me over whether or not it was wool! She just kept saying, "wool is NOT this soft!"

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to give this one a try with some leftover Malabrigo I have in the stash!

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