Ever notice how people are particular about certain foods? Not just which foods a person likes, or how much garlic is used (in my opinion, more is always better!), but foods that are handed down within a family. Like many people, my family roots are in Ireland. Frequently my mom makes Irish Bread. It's really good. My favorite, probably because that is what I had when I was growing up. She learned from her grandmother and a lot of trial and error. I haven't tried to make it yet (and Betsy, I haven't forgotten to send you the recipe!) because in my head you can only use cast iron - that's what my mom and her mom use, and I don't have any cast iron yet. I *know* that she adds more sugar to make it sweet, but found out this past weekend that a different family member adds an egg so it's more cake-like. I *know* it's not traditional. I *know* there are other ways to make it. I have had other Irish breads but they aren't as good as my mom's.

I'm bugged because today I was asking another person about how they make their Irish Bread and it led into a "pick on Becca" moment. Quoting the individual, "We call it Irish SODA Bread, because of the baking soda. And I remember years ago I made some for you and I waited to hear the raves about it...." Ummmm? WTF? There's baking soda in my mom's recipe... Thank goodness the baby was there and I could shift the attention away from me to her...

This is all so ridiculous, but it bugs me. I googled "Irish Bread" (367,000 sites) and "Irish Soda Bread" (219,000 sites) - there are many variations and I really think it comes down to personal taste. Among the more interesting links: http://www.sodabread.us/ - The Society for the Preservation of Irish Soda Bread. My mom doesn't make traditional soda bread, so I won't either. This person also mentioned All-bran being added (by her grandmother) and I'm pretty sure that's not traditional either.

Meh, whatever. Here - now I'll distract you with the baby.


KnelleyBelley said...

That adorable child is saying, "Whatever kind of Irish bread YOU make, Mommy, will be the kind that I love best."

Hunny said...

I think that when you make the bread you need to add Some


What was I saying????

mad knitter said...

Ah, family, aren't they wonderful??? You go and make the bread *you* like best, and in the end it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. This is *your* tradition. How did traditions start, anyway? Somebody made something good and everyone said, hey, let's do this all the time! You can just as easily make your mom's bread and call it traditional! It's your tradition.

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