Peep treat

Peep treat
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I saw somewhere online (I think) that said you could use "Peeps" in hot chocolate - after all they are just marshmallows! Why didn't I think of that? Now I have a legitimate reason for buying them - I can have a marshmallow in my hot chocolate (with Reddi-Whip) and not have to worry about the bag going stale.


Julie said...

*lol* Oh that's too funny and perfect for me since I'm not a coffee drinker, HC is my morning bev of choice. I'll have to snag some of those.

theatreknitter said...

I thought peeps frightened you,m but now I am begining to think that was jenny.

Amy said...

That's almost wrong it looks so good. I'm a coffee drinker but the flu has prevented me from enjoying it for the past two weeks. I've been off it for a couple of days, and hot chocolate honestly is looking better. Peeps....yum.

Kate said...

Peeps, kept in an ait-tight baggie for a few months, make *fantastic* s'mores. My mother swears she can hear them scream.

You can also, in moments of desperation, make wintertime s'mores with Peeps in the microwave. This is decidedly a spectator sport, and sometimes worth an extra trip to the post-Easter sales bins.

(Though, silliness aside, the best wintertime s'mores are made with Fluff and Nutella. I've done the research.)

dogquilter said...

Cool way to use up peeps!

Leslie Marken said...

This is great! I love Peeps!

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