Last night I went to a "Learn to Spin" class. Seeing it done in person makes something *click* - I even got it to work a little bit:
My first yarn
Way more practice is needed, but a little bit each day will be good I think.

And here's a look at the yarn from New Zealand, the Fibre Spectrum Handweavers Co-operative. Each skein is DK weight, 200 grams, handdyed, 100% New Zealand Wool. Slightly hard to photograph, but one is blues-purples and the other is blues-greens, so totally MY colors!
Now to decide what to make with it...


theatreknitter said...

oh pretty new zealand yarn. Very pretty. Go mom.

mad knitter said...

I love that NZ yarn! And, I gotta tell ya, I tried to use that drop spindle for a while, and frankly, your handspun yarn rocks! Will you bring your spindle one week and we can practice together? I know it all depends on a certain person's mood, LOL!

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