More malabrigo & FO

Today I gave my Tudora a real-world wear - successful! It was just right to block the gap between my jacket and neck from the wind. So so so warm! Yay for wearing handknits! I have decided to try and milk my malabrigo that was leftover from Tudora to make an "Amanda Hat" - and so far, so good on that. There should be enough yarn for a hat. Lorelai makes a great impromptu model - so far it seems to fit her, but in the end this hat is for ME!
Amanda Hat in progress

I also knit up the "Bunny Budy" from Lion Brand. I used plain old Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, in a natural colorway that has flecks of colors in it. I didn't bother to stuff the head. Lorelai has started to grab at things and everything goes to her mouth, so to avoid any major concerns about lead in any sort of teething "thing", I decided to just make her something. She can grab at this, drool all over it and I can just toss it in the wash. Plus, it can be an impromptu drool cloth / burp cloth as needed. I might make a few more of these up as baby gifts, they were a great quick knit - no seaming, gotta love that!
Lorelai & Bunny
Bunny "teether"

I'm also involved in test knitting a project for a fellow blogger now - how very exciting!


Sunflowerfairy said...

She just gets cuter and cuter.


theatreknitter said...

what a great idea for the bunny. I was trying to think of something small to make for andrea and that is PERFECT. I think the not stuffing idea is great.

mad knitter said...

Hey, I thought you were making a washcloth, LOL! Shows how much I know! Do I know about the test knitting project and it's just my early Alzheimer's kicking in? Or are you just being really sneaky? :)

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie!

craftivore said...

Oh lordy, that is one CUTE baby. I just knit a hat with Malabrigo too. It may be the best hat yarn ever, no itch.

Dk's Wife said...

What an adorable little baby!

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